served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00

Morning Specials

Warm brioche challah
served with butter, marmalade and cream cheese ( can be replaced with a gluten free bread
Pickled salmon (gravlax) - homemade
Morning focaccia
pesto, garlic confit, grilled eggpant, onion marmalade, kalmata olives, parmesan and labaneh cheese ( vegan option- without the cheese
Poached eggs on mushroom and spinach polenta
- served with two focaccia stripes (gluten free option - without the focaccia
The dream loaf
rustico bread, baked in 300 degrees, filled with Neapolitan sauce, ricotta and gouda cheese, herbs, nut pesto spread, chives, kalmata olives and onion
Poached eggs bruschetta
aioli and arugula sauce, on to of hallumi cheese, roasted mushrooms and seared peppers
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00

Morning Sweets

4.5% yogurt, freshly cut seasonal fruits and homemade granola
Vegan acai mosley
acai sorbet, granola, fresh fruits and date honey
Coffee & pastry
Carrot cake
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00

Our Breakfasts

morning cocktails
Apple-orange-ginger Ice/ Hot red wine cider/ Hot sangria
Noa’s breakfast - single/ double
Your choice of 2 eggs - omelet (contains cream)/ scrambled / sunny side up / sunny side upside down
Garden salad in citrous vinaigrette dressing, tuna salad, avocado spread, cream cheese with chives and diced walnuts, seasoned feta cheese, labaneh cheese with sumak seasoning, fruit confiture, changing tapenade and butter (all the cheese are 5%) accompanied with the house special freshly baked bread ( white/multigrain/gluten free).
Choose an omelet/scrambled tripping: (no additional charge) herbs and/or onions / rested pepper, onions and feta cheese / roasted eggplants and parmesan cheese / fresh mushrooms, herbs and gouda cheese / fresh spinach and white brine sirene (Bulgarian cheese
Veggies frittata straight out of the oven
vegetables omelet enriched with some good cheeses additional
Vegan breakfast
vegetable pie, garden salad in citrous vinaigrette dressing, a few antipasto roasted vegetables, dried tomato and mint tapenade, green olives tapenade, tomato salsa and tahini. accompanied with the house special freshly baked bread ( white/multigrain/gluten free) and hot soya based drink
Morning drinks:
•Espresso - short/long
•Americano - espresso + hot water
•Cappuccino - regular/large
•Red grapefruit
Freshly squeezed juices:
*Orange juice
*Carrot juice
*Orange+Carrot juice
*Changing garden salad with finely diced salad
*Changing breakfast soft drink to soda drink
*Changing breakfast drink to ice coffee/ ice vanilla/ mint-lemonade ice
*Large coffee
*Soya based drinks
served with a morning cocktail OR cold + hot drink
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00


Green shakshuka
spinach dish, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, chick peas and a touch of cream and goat cheese- additional eggplants
Itamar’s shakshuka
a rich tomato dish, herbs, rosted peppers and fresh eggs - additional eggplants/feta cheese
Vegan shakshuka
a rich tomato dish, herbs and a variety of roasted veggies. served with vegan tapenade
served in a steaming hot pen alongside tahini, changing tapenade, labaneh cheese with sumak seasoning, finely diced salad and house special freshly baked bread ( white/multigrain/gluten free)
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00

Morning Sandwiches

Kfar Azar’s salmon sandwich!
made on open multigrain toast, spread with 5% cream cheese and ground walnuts, pickled salmon (gravlax) and on top two sunny side up eggs, with cherry tomato, red onion, green leaves salad in reduced balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Health sandwich
served in a full multigrain bread, cream cheese and pesto spread, omelet and parsley, tomato and green leaves. served with garden salad in olive oil and lemon juice
Goat cheese croissant
two colored pesto spread, Saint-Maure de Touraine cheese, roasted peppers, kalmata olives and arugula
Antipasto sandwich
dried tomato and raw tahini spread, a variety of roasted veggies with a touch of reduced balsamic vinegar, arugula and a hand full of warm and posted nuts and seeds (white/multigrain
seared tortilla stuffed with white brine sirene (Bulgarian cheese), mozzarella cheese, boiled spinach and hard boiled egg sprinkled over with a side of cream cheese
Served with a garden salad side dish
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00


Betzalel market salad
finely diced! served with tahini, cucumber, tomato, pepper, carrot, red onion, parsley, radish, mint, boiled egg, chick peas, scraped feta cheese and roasted eggplant. seasoned in olive oil, lemon juice and a touch of pesto spread. served on a bed of fresh lettuce leaves and hot focaccia. additional tuna
Keshet’s salad
quinoa, black lentils, Italian artichoke, red cabbage, cucumber, spring onion, colorful cherry tomatoes and crispy feta cheese cubes, in olive oil and lemon juice, alongside raw tahini
Additional focaccia/ white or multigrain bread
without the focaccia the salads are gluten free/ without the cheese the salads are vegan
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00

Cold Drinks

Soft drink/ Ice-T
Soda water/ Mineral water
Flavored water
Root beer
Red Grapefruit Juice
Fresh Lemonade/ Mint Lemonade
Cold coffee espresso/ Cold chocolate milk
Apple juice/ Grape juice
Water for the dog
Freshly squeezed Juice:
Carrot/ Orange&Carrot juice
Orange juice
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00

Frozen Drinks

Ice coffee/ Ice vanilla
Ice surprise
Ice coffee mixed with ice vanilla, pecans, chocolate sticks and a touch of whipped cream
Mint lemonade Ice/ red grapefruit Ice
additional Arak
Apple-orange-ginger Ice
Iced acai
orange/water/milk/ soya milk based drink, with bananas, mango, strawberry and a touch of date honey
Pluto’s affogato
a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, chocolate flakes and a cinnamon stick laying together in a bath of warm espresso
Fruit smoothie
mango, banana, date, strawberry, pineapple, melon and peach on or-ange/water/milk/yogurt/ soya milk base
Vegan tahini shake
banana, date, raw tahini, nuts mixture and date honey on soi milk
Arie’s Ice.
vanilla Ice, strawberry, marmalade and whipped cream
Alcoholic Piña colada Ice -
vodka, coconut and vanilla
Ice Lotus
vanilla Ice, Lotus biscuits, dulce de leche, pecans and whipped cream
Your choice of Milkshake
vanilla/chocolate/strawberry sorbet/ banana/ dulce de leche/ pistachio/ chocolate flakes vanilla
served Sun-Thurs 08:00-12:45 / Fri-Sat 0:88-12:00

Hot Beverages

espresso + hot water
espresso + foamed milk
Latte Macchiato
a milk based light coffee, served in a large glass mug
House coffee
regular/large cappuccino with “mekupelet” chocolate bar
Hot chocolate
regular/large hot milk with chocolate pralines
Chocolate salep /Espresso salep
Chai Tea - warm milk with spices mixture
Black Coffee
Mint Tea
decaf forest berries/ lime/ green jasmine/ english
Hot Tea pitcher
decaf forest berries/ lime/ vanilla & cinnamon
Irish coffee
Hot cider
Hot red wine cider
Hot water for the first baby’s pacifier
additional whipped cream
You can ask for your drink to be.. low fat milk/ decaf / soya milk with no additional charge